A great hero once said “part of the journey is the end”…and that reigns true for many things, including this passion project that I started in the summer of 2016. I was an unemployed and scared kid, understandably so due to having a BS in Business Administration-emphasis in Finance…and wanting to work in film & television. The cards wouldn’t really fall into place until August 2016 for me, and even then I still lived in my parent’s house and commuted two hours to work every morning just to start my career. So to give myself something to do that fed into my love for movies and media, and to share my thoughts and hopefully spark discussion, I started this blog. Regardless of if I was writing movie reviews, exploring concepts, posting works written by my friends, or penning some of the best pieces I’ve personally written…I had a blast doing it all.

Unfortunately, other passions and (more importantly) duties have called at the start of 2020, and it’s time to officially take a step back from writing because I can not promise any semblance of a regular schedule. I may use this site to write something if I truly feel the need to get something out there, but for the most part I am officially retiring Soggz-Blogs.

Please enjoy the vault of writings I’ll be leaving up, it’s pretty crazy that this dumb idea I had as a 22 year old has made it so that I’ve not only progressed as a writer, but have started taking in media with a sharper mind and got much better at expressing how I feel about works of art.

One thing that’ll never change, however, and the last thing I’ll leave you with…never apologize for what tugs at your heartstrings. Even if the most famous critic is trying to tell you that a movie/album/show you like is a waste of time, if the art did something for you then that belongs to you. We as people tend to want a “right” answer often. Not to say that objectivity is wrong when facts are staring you the face…but that’s the thing with art, there’s something out there for everyone to value and cherish, and art that isn’t actively harming society shouldn’t be taken away from anyone.

Creating, inspiring, and appreciating art is what makes us better people. I’ve had a blast writing about art, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.